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The operating system used to create special effects in Titanic
Geos and New Deal
One of the first GUI's. Yes, they are still in business.
A real time operating system with an amazing demo.
Different versions of the well known operating system and some great software to run in DOS.
A lightweight operating system used mostly for embedded systems.
Sources for Cheap Hardware
These companies routinely sell used and refurbished desktop and mobile computers at a significant discount.
Recommended Reading
Articles and Web Pages with plenty of cheap ideas.


United States


    QNXDEMO QNX 1.44meg Demo
    The QNX group put together this demonstration of the scalability of their real time operating system.
    One formatted floppy disk can hold a windowed GUI, An HTML 3.2 Browser, and a TCP/IP stack.
    The whole thing decompresses and runs in RAM (6 megs required).

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